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Pick On Me

On occasion, the staff will pick on me, using cartoons to do it. As they've stepped up their efforts, I feel it is only right to show the world the abuse I take at the Roadhouse.

Okay, so maybe I started this one...

The Long Wait

We showed up at the Road House (16-Mar-2006) and had seven people in our party. Unfortunately, there wasn't a table ready for seven, so we had to wait. The only problem was, as tables cleared out, people who came in after us would be seated. Imagine, if you will two tables next to each other that can each hold only four; to me, push them together, and you get eight seats, which can easily accomodate seven. However, if as each four top gets cleared you set an additional party of four, the chances of both tables becoming free at the same time become near zero.

And, uh, I suppose it may have also had something to do with us asking for a table far from smoking. Uh, and with a particular waitress.

Anyhow, we ended up waiting an hour and a half. And during this time, we got to know the hostesses quite well. One of them was doodling, so when she left for a moment, I stole her doodle:


This may be the first time I literally stole someone's dreams out from under them. But, to cause further distraction, I replaced it with this:


And, for a while the distraction worked. But still hunger came, and one of the hostesses said we could snag some bread while we waited.

So, taking this advice, I grabbed a basket from under the heat lamps, picked up a roll, and bit into it.

The searing flesh in my mouth was quickly met by my scalded fingertips, and I found myself alternating the burning bun between holding it in my teeth like a puppy with a chew toy to burning my fingers off. And while this was to the delight of those around me, I grabbed two toothpicks and stabbed the roll like corn on the cob, twirling it rotisserie style to cool it.

That's when the "dream hostess" started giggling and drawing; the following was presented to me (along with a lot of finger pointing):

Hot Bread

Oh sure, everyone likes to pick on the cartoonist.


Well now it's my turn... so now you know why this person appears in the hand drawn originals at the Roadhouse.

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