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Created by Walt Stoneburner

Reader Mail

Unlike other comic strips where you contact the author, which you're free to do, it is also possible to contact the characters in the strip. Doing so usually results in a custom comic as the reply. The email address for Forest is, obviously enough, [email protected].

Mail #1

From: Doug Bemis
Subject: School Project
Date: June 9, 2006 11:42:49 AM EDT

Dear Mr. Forest,

My name is Doug Bemis. I am a student at BYU Idaho. I am currently in an Business Writing class. Our current project is to write up a mock business plan. My group has decided to write ours up on a start-up steak house. As we were looking for information on the internet, we came across your napkin comics and we were wondering if we could use one of them in our presentation.

It would be the one with the two cows holding the smiley signs, with the caption reading "...Because the steaks are really that good here."

We would really appreciate your support. We will give full credit to the picture to you. We thank you for your help.

Doug Bemis

Mail #1


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