Napkin Comics: Forest

Created by Walt Stoneburner
Forest is a comic distributed on restaurant napkins and is themed accordingly.

While the comics shown here are in final form, nearly a hundred one-of-a-kind original sketches used for thumbnailing future comics adorn the walls at the Texas Roadhouse in Chantilly, VA.

Forest: The Roadhouse Chronicles

Well, the date was going fine until we got to the steakhouse.  Honestly, I really thought PETA stood for 'People Eating Tasty Animals.' ...because the steaks are really that good here.


Behind me, perhaps the worst marketing disaster in history, as the famous Hinden-Cow blimp burst into flames today. With all this second-hand smoke, I can barely taste my steak.  The food arrived?


Obviously, confounding langugage and scattering to the ends of the Earth wasn't strong enough of a deterrent. I can actually see the bottom of my glass... Service must be slipping. Hey.


Please.  Show me anyone who finds that kind of attention remotely enjoyable.  Yeehaw! I'm just saying, don't you think it's kinda odd that now your brother is missing too?


We're having a slight problem.  It involves beans, a stuck zipper, and a lack of oxygen. Oh we don't sing here sir, but if you like, we can brand you with this birthday branding iron.


This, for instance.  Try our new bacon flavored smoothies -- I really don't see a drink up-sale happening here. Again, I promise your meal will be out in just a minute.


It's bad enough you're winning, but we could all do without the 'Raising the Steaks' puns. Cool accent and five star service aside, I'd rather have my cute waitress back.


You live with this guy?  I'll see if we can get you a sympathy dessert. Why is a waitress rubbing the cook's nose in an overdone steak?  Bad! Bad! You look what you did! Bad!


Me too, but then I got to thinking - who better knows steak? 18% gratuity added on 6 or more passengers.  Let me guess, you're a waitress majoring in business?


I said 'Halloween Decoration,' not 'Horrible Decapitation.' That very well could have been the most disturbing thing I've ever witnessed in my entire life...


I wouldn't won the Willie Nelson look-a-like contest... but, I just go this thing about wearing leather. I'm just asking -- I mean, I eat here three times a week, and even I don't have my own booth.


Willie who?  I just assumed the high security was for a visiting CEO. You know, I owe you an appology.  I do have something in common with country music after all.


Explain to me how throwing that lit cigarette butt out the window just now isn't littering, nor a fire hazard, and I'll take more stock in your 'Save the Earth' rallies. Yes, we checked the menu, they don't serve tiger steaks here.


It's not like that. I asked you to leave for your own safety. Quick! Get back in the bowl! They weren't supposed to be back for another day.


You know, I never really thought about it.  I don't know where the comment cards eventually end up. I think you misunderstood.  When I said you'd be regular working here, I was talking about the peanuts.



Copyright © 2005 Walt Stoneburner
All Rights Reserved.

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