Corporate Training

A Comic by Walt Stoneburner

Does it scare anyone else when people use technology they don't fully understand? Take the case of our art department.

As a technologist, I swore I was not going to let that happen to myself. Consequently, I prefer to take advantage of corporate training opportunities whenever they surface.

Free training, of course, is the code word for "you'll have to get up at the crack of dawn."

And, while it turned out I neither had aptitude nor interest in the subject at hand...

...I was pretty good at devising new forms of escape mechanisms.

The nice thing about having a escape mechanism is that it's private.

Or is at least supposed to be.

A little while later...

"Sub-classing" in programmer-speak means to make a derived copy with a few changes.

Sadly, and this is true, I didn't understand a single thing in that hardware class. It didn't apply to what I was doing. Nor was it equipment I'd ever be working on. I never took any test. I never passed any qualifications. However, that didn't stop the training company from sending me diploma saying that I and the others in my group were now officially certified.

That really put an uneasy feeling in my stomach when I think of all the candidates with certifications we've hired.

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